CBD Care Package Giveaway!


How are you today? I am hoping you are well. Times are tough right now for a lot of people I know. Time to break up some of that sadness with another giveaway!

A few of us have teamed up to bring 2 lucky people a little feel good care package! One winner will be picked from the blog comments and one winner will be chosen from Instagram.

Here is what each winner will receive:

1 Gram of CBD Isolate from @dabbndans
1 Cannabis themed coloring book from @mysexyartlife
Some cute things from @justgethigh (candlespins, stickers, plushie)
Stickers and Buttons from @jad.dovey
@liftedladies some cute sample items from their subscription boxes!
@cannasmack hemp chapsticks
Stickers, snacks, SuSty stuff & some other things from me @successfulstonerco

How to win:

1) Follow all the contributors mentioned above on Instagram.
2) Leave a comment anywhere on this blog.
3) 3 Entries per day allowed on both Instagram & here on my blog. (just leave 3 different comments).
4) To increase your chances you can do one or all of the following. Engage with me and my contributors on Instagram. That means say hello! Tell us what you love about our galleries, and tag some friends to look as well. We are always looking to expand our community so you can help by sharing your experience with the people you care about so we can get to know them too! Use the giveaway graphic below or choose any photo of ours that your like and shout us out on IG using the hashtag #SuStCarePackage

Giveaway ends on 1JUL at 4:20pm PST. (Winner announced 2JUL)
Winners chosen by Random Number Generator to keep things fair.
INTL entries are welcome, please be PayPal ready with shipping funds.
(Aprox $25 USD at most)

EDITED: 9:57pm PST with the winners below. But first, a sincere thank you to everyone that made this giveaway possible – that is not limited to my generous contributors because it includes each and every one of YOU that entered and hoped to win. I wish I could choose you all as winners because that what you are to me. Lots of love everyone!

Our Website WINNER #1 is @hippiechic420 !

Please email me with your ship to information to claim your prize.

118 thoughts on “CBD Care Package Giveaway!

  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! Good luck to everyone, stay lifted! 😘

  2. Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone, stay lifted! 😘

  3. Once again you are blowing my mind and restoring my faith in humanity with your generosity and genuine care for other human (and fur babies 😄💖). I’m so happy that social media helped me discover so manyu amazing people, thank you so much for being one of them 😍😍💖💜💖💜

  4. Once again you are blowing my mind and restoring my faith in humanity with your generosity and genuine care for other human (and fur babies 😄💖). I’m so happy that social media helped me discover so manyu amazing people, thank you so much for being one of them 😍😍💖💜💖💜

  5. Thanks for another amazing giveaway Frankie! So much love to you and the contributors!!

  6. Frankie, you mean the world to me. You are such a sweet kind soul. Much love you amazing lady

  7. This is so sweet, especially as it seems you recently went through some crappy stufd with your pups 🙁 much luxh and respect babe ❤

  8. Today will be another long day, but with a little herb it’ll be a lot better, peaceful. Was up a little earlier today to start errands.

    Day 3, entry 1 ^_^

  9. Hope everyone’s having a good morning so far.

    Good Vibes and Good Luck ❤😚
    Day 3, entry 2 ^_^

  10. This awesome I love everything you do for us thank you so much 💚💚💚💯💯💯💯

  11. Aww thank you so much for hosting another giveaway! You and your friends are always so generous. So much love to you!

  12. Sit and think of 8 things you’re grateful for. Drink some water. Eat a salad. Take a walk. Have a wonderful day ✌🏼

  13. Hiii, Frankie!!!
    I hope youre snuggled in your bed with netflix, hot soup, and endless stoney necessities at your disposal! Sending so much love your way!!! Feel better love mufff💜

  14. Some of the best people and giveaways on IG…. Good Luck All you Successfull Stoners….
    Check me out on IG @HeadieKent ✌️

  15. SOOOO, I been trying to do this on my phone for the past couple days, with no luck of any comments posting to the board. Soo I back to the computer 🙂

    I hope all of us are having a wonderful week and are waiting with arms wide open for this weekend!

    Keep a smile a your face and spread some happy 😀

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  16. Quote of the day:

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
    – Albert Einstein

  17. Happpy FrHighDay Everyoneeee!!!!!!

    Endless love & stoney vibes to all 😀

    Hope youre feeling better Frankie <3

  18. “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
    -Will Rogers

  19. Good luck to everyone entered in the giveaway!!!!😍🍀🍀 Such amazing prizes!!!

  20. Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.
    – Ellen Degeneres

  21. Life is like a sewer… what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.
    -Tom Lehrer

  22. Throw away your television
    Take the noose off your ambition
    Reinvent your intuition now
    It’s a repeat of a story told
    It’s a repeat and it’s getting old

    Entry 3

  23. I’ve never tried cbd so I’m super curious. Glad you’re feeling better Frankie!

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