Successful Stoner of the Week #1

Starting today, I will be dedicating one post every week to a Successful Stoner. Sometimes, these will be people I know personally and sometimes they will be people that I’d like to meet. To begin, I’d like to feature my dad aka papa bear.

Growing up in my household meant a lot of rock n’ roll, marijuana, and garage sales. We weren’t rich, but my dad made sure to provide us with what he could and I remember feeling lucky despite some of our financial worries.

He worked hard to provide for us and eventually saved up enough to go into business for himself. One shop turned into a couple different small businesses and so that’s where I would spend my days after school and on weekends. The first store he opened up was called Prop Master and it was an antique shop was filled with some of the most interesting things I have ever seen. Anything from musical instruments that I had never heard of before to over sized armoires. He used to sell and rent props to motion picture production companies. In order to find our inventory my father and I would scout yard sales and auctions in the early hours of every weekend. I didn’t know it at the time but he teaching me how to be self sufficient and run a business. These were also some of the most joyful moments of my life. I remember feeling important and smart; like an adult. Our drives around town were so memorable. We would talk about all sorts of things like life and music.


Pink Floyd is an important part of my dad’s life and it is his favorite subject to talk about. He can talk about Roger Waters and David Gilmour all day if you let him. Growing up, we’d sing along together at the top of our lungs and he’d explain the lyrics to me. My father indulged in quite a bit of cannabis, and he didn’t really hide it from me. One day he mentioned that I ever wanted to try some to just ask him…that it was better that I tried it at home with him then anywhere else. That nothing was better than his personal stash of Afghani kush anyway. He was right. To this day I haven’t ever smoked a stronger indica.

Although I grew up in the 80’s with Nancy Reagan’s D.A.R.E. campaign running rampant, it was never a stigma in my household. My father still got up every day and worked late into the evenings. I am so appreciative that my father played such a large roll in educating me on the benefits of this plant.

I had to show my appreciation for him as he is a huge inspiration behind everything I do. He is so fun to get stoned with because he is just the right balance of intelligent and silly. I love you, papa bear. You are the original Successful Stoner.

*My father has a way with wild creatures. This hawk flew right to him and hung out for a while. Photo taken circa 1994 in Tehran, Iran.

*80’s Vector Image credit:

19 thoughts on “Successful Stoner of the Week #1

  1. To the one , to the only one I had a reason to live my life. To the one I’m so proud of. You’re amazing daughter and I love you so much . Thank you for being who you are. Your dad Taba.

  2. What a wonderful story about your Papa Bear!! I also call my dad Papa Bear, he’s a truck driver. As a teenager he would take me with him all the time! Some of the best memories by far. Loving the blog! XO Jane 💕

  3. This is marvellous! I can see where your spirit sparks from and it makes me love you that much more. You are the product of the OG SuSt! I’m so pleased you shared this!!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! My papa nurtured my creativity and told me I could be anything I wanted! I feel lucky looking back on my creative and fun childhood.

  4. You’re so lucky to have a dad like that. I love my parents but it would be so cool if we saw eye to eye on cannabis. I’d love to do a dab with my parents. Lol

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