Successful Stoner of the Week #2

Hello SuSters!

I want to feature a very special Successful Stoner today. She is talented, creative, kind, generous, pretty, funny…ahhh I could go on forever but it is none other than the lovely @mysexyartlife.

Cheri Lynn is a 33 yr old self-taught artist, cannabis advocate, wife and mommy of 3 beautiful children. She began her journey with art the very first time she picked up a crayon and after that drawing became her first love.

Cheri says “Art has always been my freedom. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I want my sexy art to encourage women to embrace their own beauty and power. I do more than just draw. I also enjoying painting, sewing, crafting, polymer clay art, photography – the list doesn’t really end. My main inspiration is beauty and anything sexy. I prefer to make unique sexy art. That’s my passion. No matter how innocent an idea starts my creativity wants to put a sexy spin on it.”

You can find her artwork & collection of merchandise here
Tell her Frankie from Successful Stoner sent you and she will probably discount your order! Please don’t be demanding and mind your manners for maximum effect. Most people have gotten 20% off!

In this day in age, meaning a digital world where instant gratification pretty much dictates our happiness I find it so impressive when people take the time and effort to create something with their hands and imagination. So much respect for that. It inspires me beyond words and I thank you, Cheri for sharing your art with me and the rest of the world. I am grateful that we found each other through our mutual love of cannabis. For me cannabis goes hand in hand with growth and being human we are a constant work in progress. I am appreciative of the relationships I have found on this journey. It’s pretty exciting that it is all due to having a mutual respect for this plant! Cheers to you stoner girl! I love what you are doing – keep it up! I know you are inspiring many of us to create everyday.

Here are a couple of my favorite items she has created.

Her coloring books are RAD – here is one of them! Lots of great pages to color and doodle in. They are available via Amazon as well.

If you know me, then you know I LOVE tiny things! Pictured below is one of her mini bong charms available in a variety of colors. These little guys are great for necklaces, phone or bong charms, keychains – anywhere really – you can get really creative! If you buy one, tag us both in your photo so we can see where you put your little charm! We love to see where they end up. *Want something in a particular color? Message her, she loves custom creations.

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  1. I can’t wait to own something by her. Those tiny bong & booty charms are the cutest! 💜

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