EDIT: Wow, guys thank you for the overwhelming support! I’m blown away by the amount of participation in this giveaway. There were about 1500 entries in all! Out of 454 Blog entries the random number generator chose # 147 and that is Canna Nana‘s entry! You are WINNER #1!

There were 977 Instagram entries and the random number generator chose #871 which is means that WINNER #2 is @apunkwithms 

CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Please email me at successfulstoners@gmail.com so we can chat about your prizes!

High Guys!  Welcome to my ULTIMATE SUCCESSFUL STONER CARE PACKAGE Giveaway! I have $1,000 in merchandise to give away to TWO lucky winners. This is the BIGGEST giveaway I have ever hosted! I am so excited to get started.

1 WiNNER will be picked from the comments on this blog post and 1 WiNNER will be picked from  Instagram. Be sure to follow me there and turn on your post notifications to stay tuned on the Instagram rules. Check out the current entries by typing in #USSCPG2017 when looking under instagram hashtags.

Winner #1 reserves the right to choose their favorite 26 items and Winner #2 takes the remaining goodies . Don’t worry though, each winner’s package will be out of this world. *Please keep in mind that some of these giveaway prizes will be shipped directly from the artist/company. You will received a list of who you should contact with your ship to info to claim your winnings.

Below is an itemized list of what you will win from the following contributors:

  1. @420kicks_official 1 winner will receive a pair of maryjane kicks (your choice!)
  2. @adventuresinglassblowing Each winner receives a dabber by one of my favorite glassblowers
  3. @alexandracaprice Stickers for 1 winner
  4. @benshot a set of bullet glasses for one winner
  5. @boroballers 2 Glass Pendants; one for each winner
  6. @budder_blocks Some budder blocks accessories for 1 winner
  7. @cannasmack  1 little care package for each winner
  8. @chefsugarleaf care package w/secret goodies for 1 winner
  9. @dicks_bics  2 custom lighters for Winner#1 & 1 custom lighter for Winner#2 sent directly from Dick’s Bics
  10. @eranparkglass  1 Illego pendant for 1 winner
  11. @fatjointlifestyle  a shirt in your size & stickers; for 1 winner
  12. @feralchildpinco 1 pin and stickers for each winner
  13. @goodvibez_tribe 1 dabmat and stickers for each winner
  14. @happytokes Stickers & goodies for 1 winner
  15. @happilyeverstamped 1 cannabis themed keychain for each winner
  16. @hiddenstashart Stickers for 1 winner
  17. @hiiigh_arnold a shirt in your size; for one winner
  18. @highundlow a pin & stickers for 1 winner
  19. @jad.dovey pins & stickers for each winner
  20. @kira_glass_ 1 pendant for 1 winner
  21. @KushCandles Set of 3 candles for each winner
  22. @kushkards Each winner gets 2 kushkards
  23. @liftedladiesbox subscription box goodies for one female winner
  24. @lo.bunnie 2-3 sexy stoney polaroids
  25. @mari.jar.uana 1 Stash jar for 1 winner
  26. @medicalpandas Stickers and pins for each winner
  27. @MJ_GLASS_GALLERY 1 glass pendants for each winner
  28. @montynice Each winner receives a creative Dollar Origami piece of art
  29. @moodmats Each winner receives a moodmat
  30. @mysticreef One winner receives crop top & matching yoga pants set
  31. @paulsajbelphotography Each winner receives 1 cannabis themed photography print
  32. @pretty_pouches 1 pretty pouch/glass protector pouch & stickers for 1 winner
  33. @prettythingsbykandy Some jewelry & treasures for both winners
  34. @primestitching 1 stoney cross stitch for 1 winner
  35. @rafael_glass 1 pendant for 1 winner
  36. @randyswired Joint Papers for each winner
  37. @re_stash 1 Jar for 1 winner
  38. @rosstacreations A piece of jewelry & crystals for 1 female winner
  39. @ryebreadstudioh 5 Custom Lighter cases. Winner #1 gets 3 lighter cases and Winner#2 will receive two lighter cases
  40. @shopohmygawd Rolling tray for each winner with stickers & extras (this is my other shop)
  41. @shoprhondajane 1 winner receives $50 credit so that’s like 1-3 pieces of clothing plus stickers. If the winner happens to be a male then you get to choose from her other shop @halfbakedboys
  42. @slightlytoasty Toasty pendant & stickers for 1 winner
  43. @sploofybrand 1 Sploofy for each winner
  44. @successfulstonerco / @successfulstonerco_backup Something for each winner from my company
  45. @thirteenshots a shirt in your size & stickers; for 1 winner
  46. @west.coast.gypsy 2 adorable bong charms; one for each winner

Here’s how you can win:

1) First you must subscribe to this blog!

*Be sure to confirm your subscription by clicking the link on your confirmation email.  Sometimes it gets sent right into your SPAM folder so check there if you think you didn’t get the confirmation email.

2) Leave me a comment below as your entry. I want to know how you found me (my feed, blog, gallery or company) and when! You may enter twice a day on both platforms.

3) Pick your favorite companies to follow and spam with likes on Instagram. That means like lots of photos and leave lots of comments. These companies and people work hard to bring you items you might love. Let’s show them some love right back. If you follow us all you will get an extra perk. We will be checking so no cheating!

Giveaway will end on June 1st at 7:10pm PST and the winners will be chosen by Random Number Generator once the entries are all tallied.

*International entries are accepted – just be Paypal ready with shipping funds. I am guessing shipping costs will be $25-$45 USD. Maybe more, sorry it’s hard to tell due to Winner #1’s selections.

Okay, good luck everyone! Remember to have fun!


  1. I found you on IG a few months ago when I made my account.. and since then have met so many amazing people through your page! Great giveaway! You’re amazing 💚

  2. Well darling I was graced by your presence thanks to the HappyTokesTribe on IG!! You have continued to inspire and brighten every day ever since Ive met you and am beyond grateful for our friendship!! I can not thank you enough for this opportunity as well as sharing all these one of a kind very talented artists and companies with me!! I have had an absolute blast being overwhelmed with amazingness!!!

    Endless love and Stoney Vibes
    Emma 😀

    1. Emma, you have been nothing short of a joy to chat with! Thank you for your entry and for your endless good cheer. People like you make going online fun for me

  3. I found you through Chanel, she is amazing and has great products to demo and show, I also follow a lot of great artist through the people you follow. Thanks for the amazing giveaway opportunity

    1. Oh yes! Do you mean @highchanel on Instagram? I know two more Chanels’ but let’s start with her. She is such a sweetheart. I have found some awesome people through her feed as well! Thank you for your entry – wishing you luck!

  4. I found you on Instagram (I want to say a year or so ago) I love all your posts and have your notifications turned on for whenever you post something!

    1. Oh no way, you have been following me for a long time! Thank you for your support, it means the world to me. Please don’t be shy and say hi whenever you like. Good luck and thank you for your entry.

  5. Frankie, I love you. You are one of many beautiful Stoney ladies who entered my life through IG. Some of the others are part of this tremendously generous giveaway. One day I will get to Hug your Neck. Until then I will slap your Slaps everywhere and love my mats & rock my t shirts. Love you.

    1. Ohhh hiiii Katie! I love your face so much! I am lucky to have gotten to spend this much online time with you. You are very special to me. Thank you for being such a good friend and for all your support all these years! I appreciate you. xoxo

  6. I found you on Instagram through your Hashtag, which I use often @the_beauty_queen_from_mars

  7. How I found Frankie; some years back around 2015 under the username of Dazesie, I was scrolling through IG and I noticed a repost. That repost was nothing but inspiration and support. Right there was my first blessing of uplift from Frankie. I began following. Health issues arose and I had to take time off of social media. However several people never left my mind or heart. When i was strong enough mentally as well as emotionally I began delving back into IG. By now we were at a place in life where we can do what our hearts yearn for, to help support who we can as much as we can. We look for those that reach out and give of themselves, thats what attracts us. Frankie works so hard to help support, all the while helping herself evolve into one of the most caring souls I can honorable say I know. 💜💜💜 Love, Tisha aka thepynkpanthersphlower

    1. Oh my goodness, I wasn’t expecting to get all emotional while going through comments but you’re such a huge blessing to me! Not only through the support you show me but through your selfless support of so many of our friends. You are brave, kind, and always thinking of others. Thank you for giving me the chance to get to know you a bit better recently. I feel lucky knowing that somebody like you thinks so highly of somebody like me. You are really an angel here on earth. Thank you for being a friend to me as well. Big hugs lady xxoo good luck on all your entries!

  8. I found you through @smokies_bandit. I absolutely adore you Frankie. Your bright soul shines bright and I love your positivity. 😘 Thank you so much for your friendship I cherish it always.
    Love and aloha
    Kendra Hughes

    1. The feeling is indeed mutual you amazing kind soul! You are consistently uplifting our little community online and via snail mail. Thanks for your stickers, your mail, your thoughtfulness, your smiles, your comments, and all the happy you throw my way. I greatly appreciate you and never goes unnoticed.

  9. I absolutely adore everything you stand for!!!! I love that you do you and I share your site at all costs!!!! Cause you rock and DONT let no one tell you different.

  10. hi honey 🙂 I love this giveaway and your new blog! its so lovely to have created this as a tool to connect better with the successful stoners of the world <3 im stoked for this giveaway and im going to follow all of the artists/shops included in it! thank you so very much for your generosity and love for others 🙂

    1. Hello derr! I have been deleted from Instagram a few times and if it ever happens again I just want to have a place where you all can find me again. It will also be such a fun way to feature new artists, companies, & giveaways.

  11. Well, I do believe I found you on IG through a giveaway @_highimjess was holding. I instantly fell in love with the message and vibe of your page! You’re part of an amazing, super talented community and I love the fact that I get to be a part of that, (even just a little for right now. ^.^), makes me so excited! I can’t wait to see you, and everyone continue along your journies, and grow every step of the way!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity! ^.^

    1. Hey Maddy! Thanks for your sweet words and good vibes. I’m so happy you are a part of our little stoner community. Good luck on your entry!

  12. Who knows how I found you, I did tho and I’m so happy. Luv ya girl 🤗 sweet giveaway also, you’re awesome.

  13. I found you on your main successfulstonerco ig page love your feed .. been following since I started 2 years ago queen_of_concentrates710

  14. Yeah well idk how I found you!!! Sorry boo wish I did but either way I’m beyond blessed I did and really to no you. To be blessed to speak to you and knowing I’ll get a response when your free and it be so incredible awesome to have that so thank you!!!! For this give away and everyday xoxo love you boo

    1. Hello beautiful V. You are so good to me! It has been a pleasure to get to you know these short few months. Big hugs! I think you are brave and lovely. I appreciate you and all the times you’ve made me smile. It’s nice knowing there are people like you out there making the world more wonderful. xoxo Good luck on your entry miss!

  15. I found you on Instagram through @hooplovefireandflow love sam! I have been stalking you ever since with inspiration and guidance on how I want to be in the canna community! Thank you, Frankie!

    1. Hi girl, thank you for that kind sentiment. You have been nothing but lovely. Thank you for making me smile. I absolutely love Sam, she is somebody that always makes me smile too!

  16. Thanks so much for this crazy big opportunity Frankie! You’re such an amazing soul. I appreciate you so much for everything you’ve done for me and for the cannabis community. Thank you for bringing me into a place where I always feel welcomed and loved. Much love and light, and good luck everyone.


    1. Hi Ashley! You are nothing but a ray of bright sunshine! Thank you so much for your constant support of me and my company. I can’t put into words how good it feels to have someone support me as much as you do. It feels amazing and I appreciate you. I also loved my recent happy mail from you. I will cherish it forever. xo Good luck!

  17. I found your sparkling personality and Successful Stoner Page on IG maybe a year ago. I love how interactive you are with people and how positive and uplifting you are.

    1. Hey Cassie, I love to hear that because I really enjoy talking to you and getting to know you guys. I have so many inspiring people to chat with! Good luck on your entry!

  18. I found you on IG and have always loved your content you are amazing and bring so many awesome people together..what an oppurtunity you are giving to two people it’s amazing!?!?

    1. Jessica, thank you for your good vibes and for playing along for one of the two prizes. I hope that you will continue to visit my blog and IG all summer long for more giveaway fun!

  19. Hola Frankie! I found you through @high_chanel on Instagram at the beginning of this year, 2017=). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a bit through Instagram, and in the future through your blog. I am so grateful for our friendship 💞 @ashetan

    1. Oh hiii, Ashetan! You know you’re the second person that has said that! I’m so happy you found me. I have been so lucky to get to know you do you know that? Your inspo card stays put on my bulletin board along with my name tag you drew for me. It’s so special to me, and I appreciate it so much. I don’t think you can ever underestimate the strength and beauty of kindness. The gentleness of what friendship is. Thank you for the reminder. I hope that where-ever you are, you are smiling in this moment.

  20. I found you rather quickly once I got back on IG through @happytokes and I’m so glad! I really enjoy your page and can’t wait til I can afford to get some merch! I thoroughly enjoy your page and you do some amazing giveaways. Plus your hair and nails are 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Thank you for the opportunity!

    1. How sweet! Thank you, Crystal be sure to let me know when you are ready to shop so I can give you a discount code to use.

  21. I found you in IG a little over 3 years ago. My husband showed me your feed and told me about you and how you’re really nice and always hook him up with a bunch of stickers! He wasn’t lying about either. Ever since I’ve been following you (:

  22. I just found you through a friend’s instagram and you looked mad rad and you were hosting a give way that was sick!! keep up the good work!

  23. Hi Frankie! ✌🏼

    I enjoy your pages so much and love all the amazing vibes you bring! My name is Megan aka @twinmeggo on IG! 💕 I cannot wait for more posts from you ! This will be an awesome experience!

    Much love and tons of light!
    ❤️❤️❤️ Megan

    1. Hi Megan, thanks for stopping by! I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog through the summer and into infinity! haha, it will be a pleasure to have you.

  24. I found this company through ganja granny. Been following for almost a year now. It’s a great IG feed and always super positive. Thanks for the awesome chance!

  25. Weeee Frankie!! This is so exciting, thank you so so sooo big for a chance like this! One day Doll we will dance in the sand!!💕💕💕Until then, i will forever be grateful for all that you are, and all that you do just for the smiles.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    1. You are so cute! I am also really excited as I go through these comments. Good luck darling. I would love nothing more than to enjoy a sandy dance with you friend. xoxo always

  26. Frankie!!!! Hi!!! I love that you made a blog! I’m ALWAYS looking for new things to read, and especially love it when it’s from like-minded people like yourself ❤️❤️ I found your page earlier this year and I believe it was through Sammis page (SlightlyToasty)! You guys have shown me a community I didn’t think existed and I am forever grateful to be apart of it. You have shown me one of the kindest hearts ever. ❤️❤️

    1. Hello Beth, I loved reading your little msg here. I adore reading and I missed writing so I thought I’d start a little online club. I hope you will come back and say hi often. Sammi is the best <3 thanks for your entry and good luck!

  27. So sweet of you to do these giveaway ALL the time is so awesome!!! I found you though the most beautiful lo bunines ig page, and from eran parks ig as well an ever since then I’ve been a follower and supporter. You are amazing and do such great things for the glass and cannabis communities and for breaking the lazy stoner stereotype! Keep up the great work

    1. Hey Ben, both of the people you mentioned are favorite people of mine! Thanks for your support and good vibes. Good luck!

  28. Hey lady!! I’ve only been on Instagram for about 2months and I have to say you are one of the people on the cannabis community on Instagram that really touched my heart. You’re generosity and your love for making others happy has really made me look up to you as a person. I can see that others that have been on this app much longer than I have feel the same way, which tells me that u don’t switch up your personality based on who you’re talking to or what’s going on. You are just genuinely YOU and that is fucking amazing!! I hope to have the following you have someday and I’m so glad that ur page was suggested to me by Instagram. GIRL YOU ARE AMAZEBALLS 💖💚💖💚
    – @ash.is.stoned

    1. WOW you’re so sweet thank you! Hearing that makes me feel great because I try to be consistent with myself and in return with others. It’s important to remember that we are all a work in progress and that never ends. I find that engaging with others like me helps keep me grounded and inspired. You are amazing as well! Thanks for the good vibes and all the support. Good luck!

  29. second entry for today while im here 😉 love love love love love you! if you get a chance check out my forum! lots of interesting information on there about aliens and spirituality <3

  30. I was lucky enough to have found you through the HappyTokesTribe, just a few months back!! Whether I was interacting or just peepin through- there was ALWAYS a sweet message back from you. It constantly touched my heart. Still does. And you still do. I’m a firm believer in the “little things” and their ability to make the world turn. You, sunshine, hold the gold medal. You are such an inspiration and a blessing! You’ll never truly know the gratitude or appreciation! Endless love sent your way! 🖖💓🌞

    1. Aw thank you! I feel the same way! You do the same for sure. I always see you saying something nice online. xoxo Good Luck and thank you for playing

  31. Wow this is amazing! I found you through @fatjointlifestyle. Defiantly follows all the contributors and there is some amazingly talented people that have contributed.

    1. Hi Taylor! FJL are great people and I’m so excited you have shown love to all the great people that made this possible. Good luck

  32. Love theme wading through these comments, everyone is so supportive and has such great things to say about Frankie. I’ve always been told I was a loser for being a stoner even though at the age of 21 I’ve had nothing but success. Thank you for creating such a relatable group for everyone to enjoy!

    1. Kylie I am so lucky to have such supportive people to call my friends/followers. Welcome to your Successful Stoner Family. Good luck and thank you for your support. It means a great deal to me!

  33. Hey girl, i know i found you back in 2013 when I started my previous instagram, there were tons of you guys, and im so sorry I deleted it before a year even and hid under a rock for years. It feels absolutely amazing coming back and knowing this community has grown and raised above any obstacles. This blog is a beautiful concept and we it will grow, probably would help if i added you to my bio like i totally have forgotten until right now. PS the pleasure is all mine getting to find you again!

  34. @successfullstoner I found you on Instagram while going through some others comments and giveaways on instagram. I noticed how nice and sweet and positive you were and just felt I needed to follow you and hopefully get to know you. I have fallen in love with your heart and how giving you are, you are truly a blessing. Thank you so much for all the advice and support as well as the continued chances to win awesome and amazing stuff. I love finding new awesome creative people to follow and its all thanks to you! <3

    Forever a fan & friend.
    Ash. Aka Mz.Waterfall

    1. Ashley you are always a sweet pea to me online! Thank you for being a part of my online family and for making me blush 43 shades of pink and red. HAHA I try to be what I wish others to be like. I wish you luck!

  35. Hello.,
    I found you thru IG and have been following you ever since. Really enjoy all you kids do.. have meet so many awesome people thru you all and IG.. thank you…

    1. How cute are you!? Aunty, I wonder if we are the same age. I just turned 43, how old are you? Thank you for your support and entry! Good luck!

    1. Crap, I forgot to say when! I’m not sure how long ago exactly, but it’s been several months. Late last year I think I found you?

    1. This will not count as a third entry for today, but I will answer it and say I LOVE MY HAPPY TOKES TRIBE MEMBERS! haha hugs.

  36. Finding Frankie on IG, began a new chapter for me. Im growing, evolving, learning and healing. Her patience with people, her strength, just how her heart is so true. Thats to be admired. Shes been a shoulder, shes been a clown but most of all shes been a true friend. 💜💜💜💜💜

    1. Emotional reading this. You are an amazing brilliant spirit. You have been here for me as well – reminded me about patience and being grateful. Thank you so much for being my friend as well.

  37. Good morning beautiful Frankie and all the other wonderful people following this blog! Thank YOU, Frankie, and all the contributors for this stellar giveaway! So exciting to see your hard work paying off. Good luck to everyone who enters, and a premature CONGRATS! to the winners. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful day. On a downer note, RIP Chris Cornell 💜

    1. Thank you for your kind sentiment and words, Amanda. We all love our followers so much! Good luck and enjoy your weekend.

      RIP Chris Cornell for sure. I will forever miss him.

  38. Tried to subscribe twice, no confirmation email in inbox or junk mail. I love the instagram page, that’s how I found this great blog! I love the successful stoner stigma we’re building together! Much love!

    Checking box to be added to mailing list, hopefully it works!

    1. Brandi thank you so much for your support! I am sorry about the glitch. I made sure you were confirmed. Good luck on your entry

    1. I hate to do this to you but I can’t count this entry. Why? Because there is no mention of how you found me on as the first entry comment.

    1. same here.

      *I hate to do this to you but I can’t count this entry. Why? Because there is no mention of how you found me on as the first entry comment.

  39. I found you thru the lovely @hiighimashleyy. & I’ve been following since early Feb. I adore the positivity I fond on your page. 💚🙏

    1. Destiny! I spelled your name correctly. Thank you for your good vibes, your entry, your smiles, and creative energy! Good luck to you

  40. I found you on Instagram like 2 months ago. Someone reposted a picture of a giveaway you were having ☺

  41. Hello again sunshine 🌞
    I already told you how I found you and the impact it made on my Instagram experience. So I’ll tell you what you’ve shown me about yourself just through your actions and comments. I see that a lot of companies don’t even take the time to respond back to customers questions, let alone take the time to get to know their customers on a 1 on 1 basis. As a business woman, you are stellar!! It’s amazing that u make it a point to make each of your customers feel like a personal friend. It’s amazing that u send little personalized thank you notes with each package. You are just amazing. I have to save some stuff for tomorrow!!! Haha!! Keep being you!! You have no idea the impact you are making on people you have never even met!!!
    – @ash.is.stoned
    -Ashley Abbott

    1. Hearing that I have had such a positive impact on you inspires me to work even harder to reach out to more people! I think that a lot companies or feeds on insta don’t actually care much about anything but numbers. How much they sell, how many likes, how many followers. In public customer service is lacking big time and I don’t ever want to treat people like they don’t matter. I am a real person with real feelings. I’m pretty sure you are too! Thank you for noticing – it means a great deal to me.

  42. I found you on Instagram a few months ago and OMG i have been so happpy since then. You have lead me to other amazing companies and i am just blown(no pun intended :P) by all the talented stoners in our community 😀 I really do love seeing successful stoners, that’s all i have ever wanted. Thanks for helping us kill the stereotype <3

    1. Hello Loren, thank you for your entry! I love creative people and I love sharing whoever I find with others. It’s a real treat for me.

  43. This is such an amazing giveaway!! So glad I found this blog!! Thank you to everyone involved in this for giving this awesome giveaway!! You all rock!!

  44. Dearest Frankie, I found you some time around Christmas on IG. You are a daily inspiration to me as I see your hard work and dedication to your dreams. Thank you for always showing me and little Terp love! It means the world to me!!💜💛💚💙@moonshadow444

    1. Ashley <3 you are such a sweetheart thank you for saying so! I love little Terp - tell him I say high! I hope that you will visit me here on my blog and say hello. Feel free to post photos of Terp Squirrel. He is always welcome here.

    1. Aw absolutely love @liftedladies! Thank you for trying your luck! Stay tuned for contests and giveaways all summer long.

  45. Helllooo love muffin! Just dropping by to remind you that your are a glistening gem and I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic stoney start!!

    Endless love & Stoney Vibes

    1. HAha! Thank you, you always make me smile! You are a sparkley mermaid on an ice cream island! I can’t remember what I was doing this day but I’m sure I was stoney and smiling. Good luck!

    1. High Cupcake! <3 Is this your 1st entry comment? There is no mention of how you found me - I will let it slide if you reply soon xoxo

  46. You’re seriously amazing. And hot. Thank you and all the lovely contributors for this!!

  47. Hey beautiful lady! I don’t think we’ve ever actually talked but I love your ig page so much and this giveaway.. well it’s just amazing! The winner will be truly blessed! I found your giveaway on your ig page & im so excited to be able to enter! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! Stay Stoney and have a great day, night, whatever it is where you are! 💜💜

  48. Hello Cannabis Family,

    I just recently came across successful stoner IG page a few days ago. I have seen your stickers in many of peoples videos, pictures or live streams. It’s always wonderful to meet different people in the cannabis community and share knowledge! ☺️

    1. Hi Ashley! I love hearing that! I agree, I am inspired daily by the people I “meet’ online. Thank you for your entry!

  49. Hello Hello! I came across your blog from your Instagram page on Friday, May 19, 2017. I’m pretty excited for this giveaway. #USSCPG2017

  50. I found you spreading love on insta. Truly hope your website takes off I know it will youve got so much support from the community ❤💜💙❤

    1. Awww I love the love! Thank you so much for your support – it means a lot to me. Please stay tuned for more giveaways xo

  51. I found you thru LiftedLadies on IG… I also follow you on fb. I love all the goodies and cute posts and the products from participating companies are SWEET & handy! 😎👌🏼🤘🏼❤️❤️❤️

  52. Hello! I’d like to enter for a chance to win the giveaway! I came across your page on Instagram through @cupcake_qu33n ! She has a lot of SuSt stuff and I’ve been following ever since! I’m looking forward to getting more involved and potentially doing my own giveaway soon! Thank you for being such a positive influence on the stoner community!

  53. I’m excited for this giveaway 🙂 I don’t normally participate in them because I never win, but we’re going to give this one a try ^_^ Good Luck to all.
    Good Vibes.

  54. I was getting super stoked about 420 at some point in April. I was on Madison’s HappyTokes IG page and noticed some of your products and after checking it out and ALL of your positive vibrations I was like YESSSS! I feel pretty lucky already just finding others in the community that gives confidence when it comes to advocating medicating and changing the Stoner stereotype that I recently feel like I came out. I’m tired of being judged or misunderstood and it’s all about how we communicate and treat others. Being there for each other. Thank You for being a constant light to others.

    1. Wow, that makes me feel all sorts of good because you are such a great spirit. I enjoy interacting with you online and I always smile when seeing your comments in our community threads. GL!

  55. Hello Darlings!!! I am taking a free compliment from @successfulstoners latest IG post and leaving it here for all you lovelys!!!

    ” You are a treasure ”

    just like how someones trash can be another’s treasure, the beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder and every one of you are absolutely beautiful souls inside and out!!!

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

    1. YOU are a darling, that’s for sure. Thanks for this lovely sentiment and for making me smile yet again this week. lol.

  56. today in my town it is rainy and gloomy but in my heart its warm and filled with love and light <3 sending you some today beautiful lady! and of course getting my entries in for this incredible giveaway! :):) 1/2

    1. Tonight it is so crazy loud and windy. I’m not sure what is happening lol. Thank you for your good vibes and entry. GL!

  57. Ahhh I’ve been following you for so long, and it’s amazing to see how much growth has happened for you and your company since 2012!! I’m an LA girl but now I’m up in norcal. I hope to see continuous growth from you girl, let’s all #killthestonerstereotype <3 entry #2

    1. You are amazing! If this is who I think it is you are right! SuSt began in 2013 actually and I have felt nothing but love from you. I appreciate you and wish you luck on your entry!

  58. I found you and ypur blog through ig! (@fallynfox) such an UH-MAY-ZING giveaway!

    1. Hi Kat! Thanks for your entry but it only counts if you tell me how yo heard about me. Please feel free to respond soon! 😉

  59. I found you on instagram through a giveaway I believe around the beginning of 2017. I enjoy the material you post and all the good vibes that go on your page. Giveaways have been a pretty good way to get more small business noticed and thrive, its one of the few things I like about IG.

    1. Hi Alynna! Thanks for your entry; I wish you luck. Please do stay tuned for more giveaways on both my blog and insta xoxo

  60. Thank you for your generosity and also the companies and small businesses who are contributing to the giveaway. You guys rock! Good luck everyone!

  61. Every time I open my browser I get so excited. 🙂 thank you for hosting this big giveaway!!! I started browsing your blog and page since May 19, 2017 from your Instagram page ❤.
    Good Vibes

  62. I found your page yesterday. I got super excited for the giveaway. I followed all of the contributers some today some yesterday. I made sure to leave all of thier pages lots of love. Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity.

  63. I found your page yesterday. I got super excited for the giveaway. I followed all of the contributers some today some yesterday. I made sure to leave all of thier pages lots of love. Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity

  64. Well, you don’t need me to tell you, you’re amazing! In order to go out of your way to provide all of this for 2 people who wouldn’t have otherwise is so selfless. I have gone my whole life dealing with some very different people based off what I was going through but as I am growing and maturing and becoming the great mom I am today I am now running into people like you who just blow my mind with kindness. I love the positivity you expel to others daily and I’m glad I have found you.

    1. I really enjoy that I have the opportunity to do this! I wish I could pick more winners! Thank you for the time you took to enter, and spread good cheer. I sure appreciate you. Good Luck!

  65. By the way I am Mz.waterfall on ig I follow, like, and spam you when I can. 😉

  66. While I’m here I’ll show my appreciation for you to host such an incredibly generous giveaway!! You have such a strong presence in this community and I’m very grateful to have found you and this brand!

    1. Way to make me feel nice! I am really appreciative of your support – I hope you will come visit this site often to interact with me and make new friends.

  67. “People who are crazy enough to think they could change the world, are the ones who do.”


    Endless love & Stoney Vibes

  68. There’s so many amazing items, sponsors. Stoked. I started reading your blog Friday, May 19, 2017 from your Instagram page. Every stoner should be entering 🙂
    Good Vibes ❤

  69. So I first found you under the successfulstoner hashtag on Instagram. I love smoking , but I wanted to be productive while doing so because I don’t want my pain or anxiety holding me back. In finding your page I found all these other amazing companies and people. Supporting people and loving them and standing by them. It’s an amazing thing to be part of, and it’s even more fun to watch y’all grow, support your products, and get to know you. 💕

    1. Jasmine, same. I have battled anxiety for so long and cannabis has aided me in being able to live a happier life. Welcome to your SuSt family!

  70. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!! Endless love and stoney vibes to start you off right on this upcoming monday!!!



  71. I’ve always wanted to enter a giveaway and this one just happened to have caught my eye. ^_^

    I started following your Instagram page due to Lifted Ladies box and it had a sticker, which I love. And ever since then I’ve been a follower and discovered you blog on the giveaway post (May 19, 2017).

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💕

  72. I started following your instagram page because of a repost and now I’m super excited to follow your blog and to have a chance at this awesome giveaway!

  73. Just stoppedal by to say hello and hope that everyone has a great stoney and successful monday

  74. GOOOODMORNING Lovely Stoneys!!!

    I hope weve all had a wonderful weekend and are all rested up and ready for this monday!!!

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes to all

  75. If I won this you might have to ock another winner anyway, bc I’d probably die right on the stop 😂😂😂

  76. We have been instagram friends for some time now, we have lots of mutual friends on there, and we all share so much love and light and good vibes. Your a beautiful soul and I can’t tell you that enough!!! You’ve said things to me that have completely turned my days around.. I am super grateful to know you!!! Love ya 💚💚

    1. What a wonderful thing to hear! I love that – thank you for making me smile so big. Wish you could see xoxo I love you right back! GL!

  77. Might as well just throw in #2 for the day and also say what an amazing person you are for bringing everyone together

  78. “Remember to give thanks, and stay humble” <3


  79. I am sooo excited for the giveaway. I followed all of the contributers . I made sure to leave all of thier pages lots of love. Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity.

  80. I am sooo excited for the giveaway. I followed all of the contributers . I made sure to leave all of thier pages lots of love. Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity

  81. Hey! I found you thanks to the happytokestribe on ig. My ig is jakecorchado710! I showed some love and followed all of you! It took awhile 😂👌

  82. I found this blog on Instagram a few weeks ago and I’m in love with all the cannabis products and stickers you feature! And your giveaway has opened my eyes to so many companies!

  83. I had the pleasure of stumbling upon you on Instagram. I follow the lifted ladies and thought why not check it out. Glad I did 😍

  84. End of the year 2016

    It slips my mind on whose Instagram i started following you but ever since It’s been nonstop positive motivation and I can’t thank you enough.

    ^^^Living by that hashtag everyday.

  85. What a wonderful giveaway by everyone! Thank you so much! I love your page & products, and I’m grateful for this opportunity.😊❤🍃 @canna_nana

  86. The Tinyest Pipe Necklace ❤

    Totally love all your collection of tiny stoner pendants. They are so cute and unique. Super low key too. ❤


  87. Just a little over a week and the winner will be announced 🙂 eeeekk!!! Sooo stoked.

    I found out about your blog on Friday, May 19, 2017 due to the giveaway held on Instagram (and here on your blog). It’s amazing that you’re giving back to your followers.

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all. 💜

  88. Found out about you from the lifted ladies box but have been in love with your Insta since!!!! 😍

  89. I found you tonight actually 🙂 just about 15 minutes ago when I was searching #Stoner #Giveaway on IG ( yes I’m a big stoner LOL can never find any giveaways ) so that is how I am now a fan of yours 🙂 thank you for the generous opportunity ! #StonerGirls #USSCPG2017

  90. I found you on IG when I started meeting more and more of the happytokestribe! Finding awesome page after awesome page, I came across my friend Kandy! 😍💕🔥❤️🌎 From there, our interactions began and I am so grateful! 🙌🏼 You have been such a light in the community! 💕 Such amazing love and light and vibes!🔮 Thank you!❣️❣️❣️❣️

  91. Gooood Morning Love Muffins!!!!

    I had a poooop day yesterday, but today is a brand new day, and im turning that poop into unicorn sprinkles and keeping a smile on this face no matter what and you all should too!!!

    Stay Golden

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  92. Goodmorning babes hope everyone is having a great day I’m home w sick babies cleaning like ciderella so you know I’m stayin lifted! I hardly ever make myself spend $ on myself sooo would be amazing to win this giveaway the day before my bday too yeahhh love ur page & I just found ur blog from ur giveaway on IG but I’m loving it definitely where I’m coming when I need a lil cheer up! Your gorgeous & amazing I’m so happy I found you babes 💞

  93. How exciting! I found you on Instagram via my Lifted Ladies subscription! I got the April box, which contained a Successful Stoner sticker, which adorns my car! I’m proud to be both a hard working woman, AND a Lil Bud Bunny! Thank you for hosting this fun giveaway, and introducing me to new artists and companies!

  94. I found your page on Instagram. I absolutely love your content. 💞💜 definitely a favorite page!! 😁

  95. I hate being bed ridden. Makes staying positive hard. But seeing your page and all the positive vibes make me smile. Thank you.

  96. I found you through instagram and i absolutely love your message. It is close to my heart! -Maddy (Plur_Goddess_)

  97. Thankyou again for helping lots of people break stigmas and stereotypes!!!!! And this giveaway is epic!!!!!

  98. Hey lady! I actually have to go into the hospital tonight but wanted to make sure I had this in before I got stuck in there for a few days and forget to put in my entries. <3 love the positive vibes from everyone on here and ig. Can't even believe all the love and support from people I don't even know. I can't wait to see what happens with this giveaway! I hope to be a winner fingers crossed but of course I would be happy for any one of us to get hooked up. Who doesn't love free stuff!?!? <3

    Ash. Aka mz.waterfall on ig

  99. Thanks for the amazing giveaway … I found you through instagram (au_jus_tortue) I believe in a healthy diet and plenty to smoke I love to cook and share this with as many people as I can

  100. Not sure why none of my comments ever end up staying up but I love your page and the message you put out for everyone

  101. Entries, entries, entries!!!! Just can’t stop thinking about them 🙂 I appreciate you holding this giveaway.

    I started following your blog on Friday, May 19, 2017. I found it from this current giveaway. :)) pretty stoked.

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖

  102. Sadly due to some family following me on IG I can’t post for the contest on there. Hate that I’m looked at as a bad person for enjoying natural medicine!

    1. Your entries are absolutely counted! That’s the beauty of this blog – it’s a safe haven for a lot of you that cannot have your IG pages set to public or simply cannot post about cannabis at all! Thank you for your support!

  103. Hey girl hay! Found you on Instagram! And love you & your content! Keep on toking girly! 💋💜✌️☮️

  104. Hiiii!!!! 💕💕

    Ever since the 10k giveaway started, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. Spreading the word to get everyone I’m around to get in it haha I’m thankful for everyone that is part of this giveaway and will forever be grateful for you hosting it 💖💖

    I started following your blog when I saw the #USSCPG2017 giveaway, May 19, 2017.

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💋💖

  105. My ig is jakecorchado710 I’d just like to say I love all the awesome ppl and products you post about! I can’t believe so many great companies and businesses are coming together for this successful stoner giveaway

  106. “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  107. I’ve followed your insta for a bit.. think I found it from @coralreefer420 insta or @highchanel insta. I love that your putting out a positive outlook on smoking pot. obv I found this blog thru your insta and your giveaway post. I have to say, this is prob one of the best giveaways I’ve seen… and super generous. regardless who wins I can’t wait to actually see the giveaway haul itself. seems like alot of talented people are in on this… it was just my birthday and I’ve had a run of bad luck the last couple years so this would cheer me up.

    positive vibes. flying high and still getting shit done!

    and btw… the pic with the golani prerolled is awesome b your hair is dope and those joints are fiiiiiiiiiire!

    myinsta is nic_19xx

  108. I first found your business through the very first Happy Tokes scavenger hunt. I thought your products were super neat but I was intimidated by your awesome and it took me a year to get the courage to kick off what has turned into a blossoming friendship. I am so glad to be a part of the Successful Stoners of the world and thank you for empowering people like me!

  109. I’m so pumped for this giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity. This had also shown me so many awesome pages.

  110. Thanks for the opportunity you’re absolutely amazing for pulling this all together and geting all of the contributers.

  111. Every comment is an entey right? And we don’t have to use the hashtag #USSCPG2017 on blog right?

  112. We’re getting closer!!!! One more week 🙂 so stoked that you’re doing this giveaway. Working hard on getting this. 😍😍

    I started following your blog on Friday, May 19, 2017 when I saw your #USSCPG2017 giveaway!! Continue doing what you are doing. :))

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 😍

  113. “When you talk, your only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new” – Dalai Lama

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  114. I found you today on instagram through a friends page. Soooo wish I would’ve found you sooner. Amazing giveaway!

  115. Good Morning lovelies💕💕💕 Hope today turns out awesome for us all💪💖

  116. Finally it shows me as logged in!

    Frankie you are wonderful and first came across my feed with the @eranparkglass #positivebodyimagegiveaway you immediately became a mentor and an instant amazing friend. Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Thank you for your persistence and I’m sorry if my new blog is acting glitchy. Thank you for your support – you’ve been amazing! Good luck to you xoxo

  117. Hi! I found you originally on Instagram because of the happy tokes tribe! I’m so thankful to have found you! Your posts are awesome and inspiring. This giveaways is insane. So so so many brands I’m dying to try! Cannasmack! An illego! Mood mats! Slaps! So many more! I’m following everyone!!

  118. This is my second for today. 12:56 pm where I am lmao. Praying I win this. 😰💞💜 Lysm

  119. Thank you for hosting this giveaway ^_^

    I started following your blog on Friday May 19, 2017 when I saw your giveaway on your Instagram page. I started following your IG because I received a Successful Stoner sticker in my Lifted Ladies box.

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all. 💕💕💕

  120. Good morning beautiful! happy frHIGHday! I hope you have a beautiful day <3

  121. Gooodmorning All!!!

    Ponder this:

    “Cupcakes are muffins who believed in miracles”

    …so believe
    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  122. Number one for the day! Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway! You’re so amazing! 💞💋💜☮️✨🌻

  123. I love your blog! I found successful stoner on instagram when I became active in the happy tokes tribe. I instantly fell in love with the name and motto of the successful stoner handle. The lazy stoner stereotype has to go!

  124. Hi, I found out about you, and other successfulstoners through Madison (Happytokes), a couple months ago. I like your successful stoner mentality it rocks! you take some pretty rad photos to share brands and artists with me which I always appreciate 😅

  125. Number 1 for today and thank you for this great opportunity.. Much love 💚💚✌💨💨🌱

  126. We’re getting so close, I can’t stand it!!!! 🙏🙏😩😩💚💚💚💕💕

  127. Hey Hey!!!

    “Throw Glitter in todays face”

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  128. I am back to backing today because idk when ill make it back on:

    “If “Plan A” didnt work, the alphabet still has 24 more letter, stay cool”

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes to all


  129. Aahhhhh!!! I’ve been so busy with getting things ready for our family reunion, that I forgot to get my entry in yesterday. Eeeek!!! Still stoked, we’re getting closer to the drawing date.

    I started following your blog on Friday May 19, 2017 from your Instagram page & this giveaway!!!

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖❣

  130. sending all my love and luck into this rad giveaway <3 I really hope I get lucky to win this one as ive been unsuccessful in practically every one ive entered lately for some fun glass and goodies. love all the shops participating! XOXOXO

  131. ive been following you for some time sweet Frankie <3 thank you for your positive vibes and your kindness every single day! you are the ultimate successful stoner out there 😀

  132. one of the first things you ever said to me was winner winner chicken dinner which is a favorite saying of mine haha

  133. What amazing women you are!! I know you work hard to break that lazy stoner stereotype!! What a fantastic giveaway!! Everyone involved are great people!! I am very glad I started following you on IG. Thank you for the chance at this and for being a friend!!! Successful women smokers united!!! 💯💅👽👍💜💓💖

  134. Found you in the lifted ladies box and have been obsessed ever since!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  135. We’re getting more and more entriess!!!! Eeek! This is going to be exciting!

    I started following your blog on Friday May 19, 2017 when I found out about the #USSCPG2017 giveaway. It’s my first giveaway that I got into and I’m loving every day of it. The adrenaline 😊😊

    Enjoy and Good Luck 😍😎

  136. I started following you on IG months ago when I first saw your Put that in your pipe and smoke it necklaces. So cute! I love them so much! #USSCPG2017 🍁🍃

  137. “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open”

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  138. “When life gives you lemons, freeze them, and throw them as hard as you can at the person making your life miserable” 😀

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  139. Still super stoked I found all these new pages to follow, my IG is filled with beautiful stoners ❤️

  140. I swear I entered on IG yesterday but I do not see it 🙁

    KICK ass this week mama

  141. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway! One love ✌🏾

  142. Happy Memorial Day!!!! Please take a moment of silence for our fallen heroes. 💚

  143. Have a great Monday everyone!! 😍😍 so excited for the winners to be announced!! 🤞🤞🤞

  144. I found you through IG perhaps through Medical Pandas or Happy Tokes Tribe, so far I enjoy what you post on the page and what you are about, defying the lazy stoner stereotype. Thank you for what you do!

  145. Second comment for the giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

  146. Ahhhhh!! Been so busy yesterday didn’t get my entries in. Here’s one for today :)))

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 😍💖

  147. Dropping some pre birthday love on your blog too beautiful ❤️ You are amazing bad ass chick and so happy to have crossed paths on Instagram. Love reading your words of inspiration daily 🙌🏻 thank you for this epic opportunity

  148. I found you a few months ago on Instagram via @resingrace 💕
    I love your successful stoner message and your IG posts are always so adorable! Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity 😊

  149. Hope you’re having an amazing evening!!! Happy birthday!!! 😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙 God has blessed us with you, may God continue to bless you. Enjoy your birthday!

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖💖

  150. How did you get so many awesome people to join in for this?! Must be all the good vibes and positivity 🙂

  151. “Why be moody, when you can shake your booty!”

    Happy Terpy Tuesday Everyone!
    Last day to enter 😀

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  152. Goooodmorning Beautifull Frankie!

    What is this Sad? Read me post?

    I tried to read..but my password is insufficent :’D

    Anyywhoo I hope your not sad, and instead butterflies are flying around your head ready to assist you in the ass kicking your about to put on this day !!!

    Love you lotsss

  153. Yo yo! I found the stoner club on IG looking for independent owned canna businesses to review for my magazine and came across yours. The vibe and message is cool. Nice giveaway too.

  154. What an amazing opportunity to enter this bomb ass giveaway!!! Thanks pretty lady!!! 😘

  155. I found you on IG through our amazing stoney baloney community. Since then you have introduced me to so many rad companies and people that are so positive and excited to make a difference!! Thanks so much for this opportunity, keep doing good things 💜

  156. Second entry for the day – there would be no words if I won this giveaway!!!! The thought is getting me jazzed 😂

  157. It’s getting closer!!!!!
    Happy birthday Frankie!!!! 🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉 May you be blessed with many more!!!! Hope you’re enjoying your birthday 😚

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖💖😙

  158. I found your blog through @cupcake_qu33n by the way, I thought it was @stonedmsunicorn but nope! She doesn’t follow you I don’t think so I had to jog my memory. Have a fantastic rest of your day I hope you had a great bday! 😂

  159. Happy Birthday Doll!!! 🎉🎉🎉I so hope your day has been filled with sunshine🌞 and so many smiles😆😆!!

  160. 3 more days til the winner is announced!!!! 😍😍😍 good luck everyone!!!🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  161. I love how inspirational you are. You inspire me to do good each day

  162. Successfulstoners unite we are a family of a cannabis community love u all 😙cbdqueen

  163. Happy birthday beautiful! 💕 Hope it was great!

    I too am curious about this Are you Sad post? 🤔

  164. Did you know a female cat can be impregnated by multiple male cats during her heat cycle? That’s why sometimes all the kittens look different 🐱

  165. Happy freaking birthday sweet dear Frankie 💕❤️ I hope your special day was spent however you wanted and full of lots of cannabis and love ❤️

  166. Happy birthday Frankie!!!!! I hope it was filled with joy and love and laughter and lots of Tacos. Much love 💚💚🙏🙏🙏

  167. I come here to feel better from all the positive vibes and kind words. You’ve brought so many of into this community and welcomed us open arms 💚🙏✊

  168. Also can’t wait till you get it up and running how you want!!!! So stoked 🙏🙏

  169. Happy birthday gorgeous you are an awesome and amazing individual May this next year bring you more then the last and next year even more!?!? Stay awesome sunshine!!

  170. “No matter how you feel, Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up. And Never Give Up.”

    Endless Love & Stoney Vibes

  171. Oh wow glad I can take the man or woman if I win since I got sexy stoners all around me and my girl would love some of this stuff lol gotta enter for one of the last days keepin fingers crossed

  172. I really appreciate your brand and what it represents glad to take part in the movement

  173. Winning so many great products from excellent small businesses and companies would be a complete blessing 🤗 good luck to all!

  174. Yay congrats everyone for making it to the end of the month and to the last day of the giveaway, just wanted to wish everyone goodluck and thanks again to frankie

  175. Thank you, Frankie for giving us an opportunity like this!!!😍😍😍

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 😍😍

  176. Yayyy!!!! Comment 2. Gotta get this out of the way before work 🙂

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖💖

  177. Hello!
    My name is Charity, and I found out about Successful Stoner on Instagram. I love your feed, you make me laugh someday and feel better about myself other days. You help me keep on top of what is new and comin out. Everyone love a good sticker set, and your stickers are the best. Not cheesy, not childish, well..but they are perfect! Slap em on a skateboard, school folders (shh) and my personal favorite, the door full of my favorite stickers I’ve collected through my life.
    Again, thanks for doing what you do!

  178. I am new to your page and I enjoy how you interact with your followers and you seem so kind! I want to thank you again for also giving us all an opportunity to win a prize from you and many other awesome artists!

  179. Hi Frankie!

    Firstly, wow!! This give-away is just incredible, I’m stunned by the posts you put up daily! More and more awesome pieces of art from amazing and inspiring creators…many that I already follow 😉 It’s so cool to have access to much many amazing picture so often!

    I came across the successful stoner insta page initially through many reposts of your sticker logo in happy mail on the @happytokestribe page….then a couple of weeks ago you commented on my picture (ahhh!!) of the most insane package from the lovely Kendra Hughes!! My Usa pen pal 🙂 I love the connections and friendships I have made through this application!

    I’m inspired daily by your page and your vibe and your way of life and I’m stupid for not having subscribed to your blog sooner!! I look forward to many more reads of awesomeness!

    Good luck everyone!!!

    Thank you for sharing everything with us all!

    Peace and love,

  180. Hey Frankie💕 Known you for a while now and I have always loved your feed. Thanks for being so kind and generous with all your giveaways 🙌🏻

  181. IG suggested I follow you a few months ago and I am always digging your positive posts 🙂 Off to follow all the cool folks contributing to your giveaway, so generous! If I am the super lucky winner, I want to share all the goodies with my bestie <3
    #USSCPG2017 Thanks so much for the chance.

  182. Last entry fingers crossed ! Thanks for the fun Frankie and thanks to all the wonderful contributors

  183. Holy Smokes —- Sweet giveaway that has been put together here….. Happy to check out your blogging.. ✌️👍🌲🇺🇸 😁

  184. Holy Smokes – Sweet giveaway that has been put together here. Happy to check out your blogging..

  185. First (super early) entry on your blog today!! (Second counting insta!!) Have a wonderful day gl everyone!! (Queen_of_the_cows)

  186. Last entry (on here)! So many entries! Thank you Frankie and everyone who contributed! Can’t wait to see who wins!

  187. EEEEEEEKKKKKKK its the last day!

    First, id like to say THANKYOUU FRANKIE for such a rad opportunity, for introducing me to so many amazing new artists, and for giving me a safe place to communicate with friends 😀

    Secondly, id like to leave you with todays mantra:

    “I am a superfly success machine”

    Scream it NOW!

    Endless love & Stoney vibes


  188. “Some people say motivation doesnt last… Well, neither does bathing. Thats why we recommend it daily.”


    Good luck everyoneee and have a great day 🙂

    Endless love & Stoney Vibes

  189. I discovered you on instagram not too long ago. What a great community!

    Good luck to everyone!

  190. @successfulstoner and so many other companies to name.. thank you for this opportunity!!!!Can’t wait to see who wins! <3

  191. I found you thru IG and have loved every minute of following you! I have found such amazing other people to follow too, like all of the sponsors of this giveaway! 🍭💚

  192. I found you thru IG and have loved every minute of following you! I have found such amazing other people to follow too, like all of the sponsors of this giveaway! 🍭💚

  193. Hello!
    My name is Taylor and I found out about Successful Stoner on Instagram. I love your feed! You help me keep on top of what is new and comin out. Your stickers are the best. I definitely always look forwards to seeing what you will be posting for the day. Thank you for being so on top of posting daily.

  194. The day you posted the are you sad post. I was sad. Then I realized it was password protected and it’s okay. But I thought it was ironic. Have a wonderful day lovely. 🤗💞💕

  195. I found you in instagram last year while I was pregnant! This is such an amazing giveaway and i will keep my fingers and toes crossed to be so lucky to win this!! Thank you and everyone else involved that is making this a possibility!

  196. My second entry on the final day! Good luck everyone!
    Thank you for this opportunity Frankie!!

  197. I found you about a year ago maybe a little longer a few friends follow ya and go to cali at least 3 times a year

  198. I found you about a year ago maybe a little longer a few friends follow ya and go to cali at least 3 times a year.

  199. Frankie,

    Thank you again for hosting this wonderful giveaway and being such a positive influence in the community. Excited!Grateful again to have found you and a lot of like minded people that don’t need the judgement. Over the stereo type and grateful to medicate here in New Mexico Love you lots! Happy Belated Birthday Sexy. Best Regards,
    Heather Witkowski

  200. Frankie,
    Thank you again for hosting this wonderful giveaway and being such a positive influence in the community. Excited!Grateful again to have found you and a lot of like minded people that don’t need the judgement. Over the stereo type and grateful to medicate here in New Mexico Love you lots! Happy Belated Birthday Sexy. Best Regards,
    Heather Witkowski

    1. Thank for this awesome opportunity. Love the blog as well as tour #insta feed. 🤗😍🤗

  201. I found you on Instagram, a long time ago it feels like 🙂 I’m a stoner & I work full time, so I’m all about the successful stoner lifestyle & tryina break the stereotype !!

    Thanks so much for
    The opportunity this is one badass giveaway

  202. I found you on Instagram, a long time ago it feels like. Im a stoner & I work full time, so I’m all about the successful stoner lifestyle & tryina break the stereotype !!

    Thanks so much for
    The opportunity this is one badass giveaway

  203. Hi!!!

    I’m blaize_von_peeps aka Li Peterson 😉

    I first found you on IG!! Think I’ve been following you for several years now.
    Then I followed you over to Facebook where you have that awesome little group as well.
    Well, here I am now. On this amazing blog you have created, wish I had payed more attention and followed it sooner!!
    Congrats on all of your accomplishments!

  204. Thank for this awesome opportunity. Love the blog as well as tour #insta feed. 🤗😍🤗

  205. I am so grateful to have met you frankie. I am taken by your beautiful smile and beautiful soul. You had me at Pink Floyd. I find your post inspiring. 😍😍😍

  206. Frankie i am so grateful to have met you. Your beautiful smile, inspiring posts and love of Pink Floyd. You make us all better people. 😍😍

  207. Also can’t wait till you get it up and running how you want!!!! So stoked 🙏

  208. For some reason I can’t log back into my other account. 🤔 but thabk you for this amazing opportunity! 💕

  209. I found you on Instagram by someone’s contest entry! Fingers crossed even though it’s the last day! Such a badass giveaway! 💚🔥

  210. I found you on IG ❤️ Thanks for the chance to win all this amazing gear 💚💚💚

  211. I found you on IG ❤️ Thanks for the chance to win all this amazing gear 💚💚💚

  212. Yayy!!! The time is near!!! Less the 3 hours until the giveaway closes!!!!

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖😙

  213. Have you guys gotten your entries?!?! It’s all I can think about. Lol pretty stoke about it, since it’s the first giveaway that I’ve been involved in. Thank you, Frankie for hosting such an amazing giveaway. :))

    Good Vibes and Good Luck to all 💖😙

  214. Recently found you on Instagram, easily lost for a couple of hours on your feed🙈
    Sure il enjoy blog now 😀
    Thanks xx

  215. I found your page about a month ago through word of mouth on Instagram 🙂 ever since I’ve been admiring the close knit community you’ve helped to create and have been trying to figure out how best to connect with you all 🙂 thank you for hosting this giveaway, it’s the perfect opportunity for us newbies to meet some new sust friends!

  216. Stoked to have found you..feels like I found fam lol but I saw a post on IG & of course had to look into it lol thanks 🤙🏼

  217. yaaaaaay! its almost over! im so excited for the drawing of this giveaway and even if I don’t win I know someone will who deserves this amazing prize <3

  218. High….
    I came across your page from a comment you left on Kush Candles on IG
    I can’t honestly tell you how long ago because I’m a stoner and can’t really remember thing’s like that but I’m pretty sure it was within the last several month’s. I really enjoy your IG page it helps bring a daily smile on my face with everything I’ve been struggling through recently and I want to thank you 😊 I’m also stoked about this awesome giveaway

  219. Glad I found this just in time! Awesome blog and companies! Found this contest through the Sploofy instagram and love my mint green sploofy!

  220. Found this amazing contest via the sploofy brand, thanks for the amazing opportunity! Love all the giveaways

  221. Coming at you from CARLSBAD CA. 🤙🏼🌊💀🌴🌺 heard about you threw the grape vine. Work customers and family 🤙🏼

  222. Omg squeeking in the last two at the last minute!! Good luck everyone!!🎉🎉🎉🎉


    It was on shoprhondajane or GoodOlDank. ❤

    Ever since I’ve been all about SUST life. Keeping it motivational everyday and trying to be ghe most successful stoner I can be. .

    Not without all your positive energy✌

  224. I’ve been trying to comment for the past twenty minutes and some weird warning keeps coming up

  225. Omg this giveaway is huge. I love absolutely kill to win. My Insta page is @ganja_kween I’m a young stoner girl tryin to keep it real and spread the stoner love. Sending some green ganja girl kisses your way bud brothers/sisters ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  226. Omg I love this giveaway it’s crazy good. I love absolutely kill to win this. I’m a young ganja KWEEN trying to keep the ganja vibes flowin. Instagram @ganja_kween

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